About Nevin

I am a self-taught photographer based out of Calgary Alberta.  Specializing in landscape, city, travel, and architecture photography.  My photography spans various parts of the globe and a lot of the Canadian Rockies.  I absolutely love the outdoors and nature.

I started into photography back in 2006 when I purchased a DSLR to take on a trip to New Zealand.  On that trip, I got the photo bug.  Shortly after returning from New Zealand I started taking workshops and studying various online resources in my spare time, and photography became a passion!

I have learned from various photographers such as Trey Ratcliff from Stuck in Customs.  Trey’s tutorials and teaching methods a second to none and just makes sense of complex tasks.  Other photographers I have studied are Colby Brown Photography, Peter Lik, Joe McNally, Serge Ramelli, and Rodney Lough.

I especially enjoy travel landscape photography.  For me it’s all about traveling, seeing the world and getting out in nature.

Right now this is just a hobby for me and from time to time I sell a print or two.  If you want to find me professionally you can locate me here.


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