This past summer I was back in the mother land of Saskatchewan and visited a city that I lived in for 10 years Saskatoon.  I have many  dear friends and fond memories in Saskatoon I really do miss it at time.  This trip unfortunatley was not full of fond memories as we were visiting our closest friends who’s 7 year old daughter was diagnosed with an agressive form of cancer in her abdomen.  Cancer is fuckin horrible to say the least.  That said she is a tough little cookie and I am sure she will kick cancers ass.  Just the same it was the hardest thing I have ever seen as a parent and especially when the family is so close to us.  Kick cancers ass Naomi Lendvay!

For anyone wanting to donate to Naomi’s family they have a GoFund me page located here http://www.gofundme.com/lendvays.  54 weeks of chemo and radiation to beat cancer takes it’s toll on a family.  It’s for the best cause in the world in my opinion.

After spending the day at the hospital I had to clear my mind so what better way to do that than crawling around in the dark down by the water at midnight to get a picture of the University bridge.  Since I have taken up photography I have always wanted to get this shot to put on my wall to remind me of how great life was in Saskatoon.  I crossed that bridge thousands of times!  There was a storm rolling in that night and some of the wicked clouds popped their heads out in the sky.  If you look hard you can see the storm brewing in the distance.

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